Islamabad, 6 March 2020 – Knowledge Platform is launching ‘Virtual Campus’ which will allow schools to set up online classrooms. With the current Coronavirus situation, thousands of students may be out of school. These students will fall behind on their curriculum if we do not alleviate this issue instantly. With ‘Virtual Campus’, we can help schools set up a low-cost, digital learning platform immediately, where they can ensure the continuation of students’ education. Schools, principals, teachers, and parents can consistently monitor students’ progress. Virtual Campus can bridge the learning gap for a maximum number of students and ensures that no Pakistani students with access to digital devices fall behind on their curriculum during this period.

You can visit the following link to learn more about how the solution works:

There are an estimated 50 million students enrolled in schools all over Pakistan and there are 164 million cellular subscribers in Pakistan, out of which 74 million have access to 3G/4G (Source: PTA). We can cover a significant majority of the students that have access to mobile devices: phones, laptops, tablets.

We predict that all 50 million students will be impacted by this situation, thus Knowledge Platform has come forward to help them continue their learning at home. ‘Virtual Campus’ will reform education in Pakistan by the use of digital platforms during academic disruptions. Students’ education will no longer be impacted by unprecedented circumstances.

About Knowledge Platform: Knowledge Platform (PVT) Limited (Pakistan) is a Singapore-based learning solutions company, which is currently the leading Ed-tech company in Pakistan. Established in 2000, Knowledge Platform provides a range of education technology solutions across Asia. Knowledge Platform is a leader in online & blended learning, with its digital education platform catering to the needs of over 600,000 K-12 learners in China, Pakistan, The Philippines, and Myanmar.

Knowledge Platform creates user-friendly tools and impactful learning experiences. Teachers, parents, principals, school owners and government officials can monitor progress via real-time performance dashboards. In Pakistan, we cater to the needs of over 182,000 learners in two unique ways. In the classroom, Knowledge Platform’s blended learning solution, Learn Smart Classroom (LSC) has been deployed in over 425 public and low-cost private schools in over 45 cities. Currently, LSC is used by over 74,000 students, who are equipped with learning tools in Math, English and Science.

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