McDonald’s Pakistan has collaborated with Knowledge Platform, Pakistan’s leading ed-tech Company, to launch ‘Fun with English’ — a 30-day online competition for McDonald’s customers. The competition will run from 16 June to 18 July for two age categories, teens and adults. It’s designed to help teens and adults improve their English while playing crosswords, card sorting, card matching, and other games.

This is the second in a series of competitions organized by McDonald’s and Knowledge Platform under the banner ‘Knowledge on the Go’, which aims to make learning fun and accessible for people from all walks of life and instill a sense of curiosity in them. Over 52,000 people from all over Pakistan participated in the first competition and 8,000 customers earned daily and weekly rewards.

Anyone over the age of 13 is eligible to participate by downloading the McDonald’s App and enrolling in their respective age category. Top 150 winners will win free food vouchers every week. In addition, McDonald’s customers can also buy a premium pass for Rs.199 to win daily food vouchers and enter the finale, with grand prizes worth tens of thousands of rupees for winners and runners-up.

The competition is hosted on 1on1, an education app by Knowledge Platform, which is integrated within the McDonald’s App. Users can play quick games while waiting for their meals at the restaurant, in the car, or at home, by logging on to the McDonald’s App and tapping on the competition link. Users can challenge their friends and family to earn more coins. Leaderboard toppers can win McDonald’s rewards daily and weekly, redeemable by visiting any McDonald’s outlet. It will culminate with the finale, a live competition which will be played by the top players. Winners and top runners-up will win prizes worth tens of thousands of rupees.

Knowledge Platform CEO, Mahboob Mahmood stated: “We are thrilled to partner with McDonald’s. We are going through a profound shift in how people learn. Learning can take place at any time — we are all becoming multi-taskers [sic], and learning will increasingly take place through games and competitions. Knowledge on the Go represents a breakthrough in the learning paradigm in Pakistan.”

McDonald’s Pakistan Director Marketing, Raza Ali, added: “Knowledge on the Go underlines McDonald’s holistic commitment to our customers. The strong uptake from our customers shows that games-based learning is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan, and we are delighted to help extend the frontiers of how people learn.”

Knowledge Platform is Pakistan’s leading education technology venture, serving 600,000+ students and 1,000+ schools across Pakistan. It is committed to help students, teachers and schools expand the frontiers of learning across and beyond curricula and to continuously develop engaging new ways of learning and teaching. For more details, please visit

McDonald’s first restaurant opened its doors to the people of Pakistan in 1998. Today millions of Pakistanis place their trust in McDonald’s to provide them with food of a very high standard, quick service, and value for money. It is firmly committed to giving back to the community where it operates and happy to become involved because it recognizes that organizations have a role to play in helping communities to flourish. The contribution McDonald’s enjoys most is the experience of working together with others in the community to achieve worthwhile benefits for those who need it most. For more details, please visit

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