1. Basic Types of Online Learning

We take a look at the basic types of online learning and the benefits and limitations of each type of online learning. We explore teacher-led versus self-study options and synchronous, asynchronous, standard and personalized learning.

2. Basic Tools for Online Learning

We discuss basic digital tools that may be used for online learning in combination with other learning tools. We weigh the benefits and limitations of Zoom, Google Classroom and other tools.

3. 5 Ways to Create Educational Videos

We define the 5 basic methods that may be used to create effective educational videos.

4. Google Classroom to systemize online classes

To help educators bridge the learning gap students are currently facing by introducing the most useful tools and tips to facilitate learning from home. Google Classroom can best be used to systemize online classes with deep dive into its features.

5. Education checklist for schools for digital enablement

Many schools are struggling to cope up with the online education and finding the best tools for seamless operations. Knowledge Platform introduce you to a checklist which school owners and principals can use to prepare themselves for online classes during the Coronavirus pandemic.

6. Is online education the new normal?

In this episode of Knowledge Platform conversation series, our CEO Mahboob Mahmood talks about e-learning and how it has become the new reality for students, teachers and schools all across the globe during this pandemic on The Haider Rifaat Show; which is Pakistan's first ever one-man web talk show created and hosted by Haider Rifaat.

7. Best Practices in Digital Engagement

In this episode of Knowledge Platform's conversations, Hira talks us about the best practices teachers can use to interact and engage with their students online.

8. Using Zoom for educational purposes

In this episode of Knowledge Platform's conversations, Sumaira & Iqra introduces us to Zoom, its features and how teachers can use Zoom to give lessons to students in a synchronous learning method.

9. Edutainment and the Future of Learning

Our CEO and founder Mahboob Mahmood talks about the rise of ed-tech in current times and the impact of digital education on future generations in the session hosted by Epiphany in their talk series 'Epiphany Talks #5: Edutainment and the Future of Learning'.

10. The New Normal in Education

Over 1.2 billion children globally are out of the classroom due the Coronavirus pandemic. Our CEO Talha Munir Khan talks about the digital tools and techniques which will help in creating a better future for education in the session ‘The New Normal in Education’ hosted by National Incubation Center (NIC).

11. Sustainable living techniques - Kul Kul Series

Take a trip to Bali, Indonesia with our Sustainability Learning expert, Muhammad Farrae! Together with the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation, Knowledge Platform will be bringing sustainable living techniques and 21st century skills to Pakistan with our innovative Birds & Bees program.

12. Knowledge Platform's journey into the heart of education in Pakistan

A very candid discussion with our founder and CEO, Mahboob Mahmood sharing his life journey and how he started the social mission of quality education in Pakistan. Ed-tech is facilitating millions of kids out of school in current pandemic and Knowledge Platform being a pioneer in this domain is facilitating the education sector in Pakistan.

13. Knowledge Platform partners with Jazz Business to facilitate e-Learning!

Knowledge Platform partnered with Jazz Business to introduce a special education bundle to facilitate students with e-learning amidst the ongoing pandemic. The industry leaders from both the domains of EdTech and telecommunication came together to share their thoughts about this partnership.