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Knowledge Platform also houses a full-service corporate learning solutions division. Our corporate learning management system, Ultrabot, is now in it’s 10th generation, having evolved over the past 19 years to fit the needs of our blue-chip clients from around the world. Furthermore, Knowledge Platform’s in-house yet diverse content development team, with instructional designers from the U.S, Singapore, China and Pakistan have created over 2,000 corporate learning courses, ranging from risk management and corporate governance to customer service and soft skills to service the e-learning needs of our corporate clientele. Apart from our best-of-breed LMS and tailored content, Knowledge Platform’s corporate learning division provides a full suite of solutions, from needs analysis and strategy formation to full-scale roll-out and deployment.

Ultrabot 10

We have leveraged our expertise in instructional design, user experience, and building online communities to bring you Ultrabot 10. Through our Learning Management System, Ultrabot 10, we support our clients by developing corporate training content and compliance courses that help acclimatise new employees to their organisation’s culture and ethics, and train existing ones to better understand new products, ideas, and services.

Custom-tailored content

We understand that each organization’s needs are unique. That is why we provide each client with a custom-tailored learning experience. Ultrabot can be customised to align with any industry’s compliance standards. Lesson packages, including third-party content, can be integrated according to your industry’s best practices through SCORM, QTI and IMS.

Collaborative learning

Learners stay engaged through the learning process by participating in formal and informal learning activities. They can collaborate by creating project-based groups in which they can share content with their colleagues and community members.

Constant improvement and innovation

We ensure the delivery of effective and meaningful learning experiences. Clients stay connected with us through a feedback loop to inform improvement and inspire innovation.

Performance monitoring mechanism

Through our performance monitoring mechanism, users can easily identify their learning gaps and devise personalized strategies for remedial learning. Administrators are involved in this learning journey by constantly tracking each user’s progress.


Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology

Best Advance in Social Learning Technology

P@SHA ICT Award Best E-learning Application

Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology



  • Simple user experience that focuses on functionality
  • Responsive web design that automatically adapts to different devices (mobile, tablet, and computer)
  • Connection between theory and practice
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Powerful performance dashboards and reporting
  • Demonstrative rather than lecture-based
  • Latest cloud technology that is secure, efficient and scalable
  • Available as an installed solution
  • Available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and hosted on Azure Cloud
  • Centralized content management