Are you concerned about your students’ performance in board exams?

We have been improving student engagement and performance in our 400+ partner schools. How? Our approach is simple. We engage students with content, support teachers with training and encourage administrators with performance dashboards. Essentially, we bring joy back into the classroom while improving results.

How do we transform schools?

Content & Technology

With high numbers of class strength, it is difficult and time-consuming for teachers to engage every student. Through using our content and technology, teachers can easily improve engagement for a low price and without internet access. We will equip your school with everything needed, a laptop, a projector and a set of clickers, so that you can:

  • Access top quality content curated by world-class instructional designers
  • Use thousands of textbook-aligned assessments, games and videos that make learning a dynamic process
  • Assess every student instantly through the use of clickers
  • Bring fun into the classroom by using the latest active learning techniques

Training & Support

70% of the teachers that we have worked with have never touched a computer before. Through participating in our training programme and receiving around-the-clock support, these teachers have mastered the art of blended-learning.

Once you join our family of partner schools, we can support you to do the same. Our dedicated Training & Support team provides technical and pedagogical teacher training to ensure that teachers are comfortable to facilitate lessons with blended-learning techniques. After this, any challenges can be resolved with the help of our on-ground Support Team, who will regularly visit your school.

Real-Time Performance Dashboard

With our Performance Dashboard, you can identify learning gaps in real-time to make sure that no student or class is left behind. When a student takes an assessment in class or at home, teachers will be able to see their results. Our Performance Dashboard computes this data to compare your school against others, so that you can compete with other schools in providing quality education.

Reports with your school’s performance data will be sent to you on a regular basis so that you can prescribe study plans for struggling students and identify which teachers need more support.

  • Compare your school’s performance to other schools in your network or region
  • Use a detailed performance dashboard to track any student or class who is falling behind
  • Receive detailed reporting to identify what subjects and topics students struggle with
  • Assign struggling students with personalised study plans for use at home
  • Reduce teachers’ workload with instantly marked digitised assessments

Our Model

Our Solution

The Benefits

Improved retention & enrolment

Learn Smart Classroom is known to have their greatest impact of students that are at the bottom of the class and those who have been failed by the traditional methods of teaching

Incorporating 21st century skills

With the help of interactive edu-games and activities, students begin to build on 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking

Relieving a teacher’s burden

Our digital assessments enable teachers to spend less time marking papers so that they can focus on mentoring and providing feedback to their students.

Engaging learners

We bring fun back into the classroom. Through integrating technology into the classroom, monotonous subjects come to life to better engage learners.

Improving learning outcomes

Blended learning solutions provide students with extra support to improve their learning outcomes and achieve better results

Real-world ready students

Students graduating from schools that incorporate ICT-driven education solutions are better equipped for the technology-based jobs of tomorrow.

Our Reach

How does this solution work?

Each smart classroom contains one dedicated laptop that is packed with over 100 GB of learning and assessment content. Topics in the textbook are broken down into smaller skills using a simplified Bloom's Taxonomy, making concepts easier to learn in smaller, bite-size lessons. Each lesson plan includes one instructional video which is approximately 5-8 minutes long, an educational game or activity, and a formative or summative assessment. Experienced teachers can use the lesson plans as a scaffolding tool, whereas teachers who lack the subject matter knowledge can simply allow the video to play and act as a facilitator who leads the class from a lesson to a game and an assessment.


  • Immersive educational games & activities
  • Real-time monitoring via dashboards
  • Thousands of ready-made digital lessons
  • Student and teacher access to Learn Smart Pakistan
  • Engaging educational videos and assessments
  • Exclusive access to online communities for teachers & students


Initial setup cost:

PKR 10,000

Monthly charges:

PKR 150*

per student/month

*Discount available on bulk subscription

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