What is Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP)?

LSP is Knowledge Platform’s an online learning platform loaded with thousands of digital lesson plans that contain animated videos, games, activities, and assessments created. Any Pakistani student can access LSP by visiting learnsmartpakistan.org, creating an account, and enrolling in any lesson plan of their choice. Currently, LSP supports upwards of 160,000 learners from over 7,700 schools across 400 cities, small towns, and villages in Pakistan. By offering a gamified learning platform, LSP attracts all levels of students, ranging from the ages of 6 to 18. For each video watch, game played, or assessment taken, LSP rewards its learners with “Honey Coins”.

LSP learners are spread all across Pakistan, and growing every day!

Our Model

Our Solution

The Benefits

Exam Prep

Learn Smart Pakistan can be used as an exam prep tool for students like you who wish to learn more and improve their performance in the board or final exams. After improving your understanding of core concepts through our platform, you can also test your skills by taking our assessments, which highlight your strengths and helps address your weaknesses.

Learn & Earn

Our new and improved platform makes learning even more fun for students! Now you have the chance to participate in monthly challenges and compete with students from all over Pakistan. Our new and challenging games are filled with thought-provoking questions, rewarding our participants with “Honey Coins” for every right answer. These coins can be redeemed for exciting prizes, such as tablets or local and international scholarships!

Aligned with the National Curriculum

Use the learning materials on this platform to prepare for your board exams. Find all the relevant content that will assist you in passing your exams with flying colors!

Interactive Digital Content

Learn Smart Pakistan makes learning fun for students by providing you with an opportunity to brush up on your skills and concepts through an assortment of interactive videos, practice exercises and engaging games.

How does this solution work?

LSP is deployed through our robust, data-rich Learning Management System, Ultrabot, which is currently in its 10th generation. Ultrabot provides cloud-based content, allowing users from anywhere in the country to access the platform. Students can self study using the content videos, test their understanding by taking assessments and can play educational games to strengthen their concepts.

How does this solution work?

Each smart classroom contains one dedicated laptop that is packed with over 100 GB of learning and assessment content. Topics in the textbook are broken down into smaller skills using a simplified Bloom's Taxonomy, making concepts easier to learn in smaller, bite-size lessons. Each lesson plan includes one instructional video which is approximately 5-8 minutes long, an educational game or activity, and a formative or summative assessment. Experienced teachers can use the lesson plans as a scaffolding tool, whereas teachers who lack the subject matter knowledge can simply allow the video to play and act as a facilitator who leads the class from a lesson to a game and an assessment.


  • Improve your board exam results through our gamified learning experience
  • Use thousands of assessments, games, and videos to learn topics in English, Math, and Science
  • Earn honey coins while you learn to unlock different rewards and scholarships
  • Make learning fun by participating in learning challenges with students across Pakistan