What is our ‘Kamyaab Karobaar’ programme?

In collaboration with the UNDP, Knowledge Platform has successfully completed an online, gamified platform which focuses micro-entrepreneurship training for young people and potential small entrepreneurs by building upon their basic literacy and numeracy skills. The course particularly addresses the learning needs of Pakistani females.

Our Model

Our Solution

The Benefits

Learning Through Story-Telling and Gameplay

‘Kamyaab Karobaar’ is designed on the principle of teaching financial literacy to adults through storytelling and gameplay. Learners will follow the story Marvi, a Sindhi woman who has recently been widowed. To support her son, Mithan, Marvi decides to continue her husband’s Ajrak-making business. Narrative stories are proven to have long lasting impact on our thinking as their use is an engaging and successful method of learning.


Through 13 interactive modules, learners will grasp fundamental entrepreneurship skills. Some of the major themes covered in the course include business planning, marketing, how to conduct market research, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

How does this solution work?

Kamyaab Karobaar’s course content is packaged within an engaging game interface, where the user completes modules and quizzes, to earn coins and unlock buildings. Each module consists of a video and an interactive exercise, that allows the user to progress towards course completion while navigating through the game. The application is available for download, both in English and Urdu, on the Google Play S tore.

How does this solution work?

Each smart classroom contains one dedicated laptop that is packed with over 100 GB of learning and assessment content. Topics in the textbook are broken down into smaller skills using a simplified Bloom's Taxonomy, making concepts easier to learn in smaller, bite-size lessons. Each lesson plan includes one instructional video which is approximately 5-8 minutes long, an educational game or activity, and a formative or summative assessment. Experienced teachers can use the lesson plans as a scaffolding tool, whereas teachers who lack the subject matter knowledge can simply allow the video to play and act as a facilitator who leads the class from a lesson to a game and an assessment.


  • Understanding of the basic concepts of micro entrepreneurship
  • Story-based approach to help keep users engaged and ensure contextual learning
  • Gamified learning – complete modules while you earn coins, unlock buildings and complete your map!
  • Application available in two languages: English and Urdu
  • Complete quizzes and interactive exercises to learn advanced entrepreneurship skills