Are you looking to set up a virtual campus to cover any disruptions in the academic calendar?

We can create a virtual campus for you to make sure your school is ready for any disruptions. Digital learning can be facilitated by Learn Smart Classroom, allowing your students to continue their studies. Students, teachers, principals and parents can be engaged online, from home. Lessons, homework and assessments can be assigned and monitored instantly.

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Why are we introducing this?

High infrastructure cost to set up new school

School closure during emergency situation creates a gap

Lack of monitoring tool

Students are not engaged in learning from homes


  • Each school can have its own virtual campus instantly
  • Principals, teachers and students can access content 24/7 via mobile and web
  • Painless and rapid set-up of students and classes for your school
  • Knowledge Platform’s world-class, friendly support team will ensure success
  • Grades 6-10 Math, Science and English content is fully aligned with national and provincial curriculum
  • Artificial intelligence enabled engine designs personalized learning pathways

How can it benefit you?

School Owners

Can have an instant virtual campus without high investment on infrastructure


Can monitor their schools and teachers effectively from their mobile


Can assign homework and discuss progress in online groups


Can continue learning from their homes

What does it include?

1,000+ videos, 1,000+ assessments, 500+ activities, 30,000+ questions

With digital lessons and groups for collaborative learning

With digital lessons and groups for collaborative learning

Technical, academic and pedagogic

Technical, academic, pedagogic, marketing

How does this solution work?


1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
Standard Rs. 130* Rs. 780 Rs. 1500

*Discount available on bulk subscription

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