Knowledge Platform, Pakistan’s leading ed-tech venture, in collaboration with GSMA, is proud to announce the launch of Parhai Buddy, Pakistan’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered learning coach. Based on the principle of student-centric learning, this intelligent learning system enables a learner to travel along a personal learning pathway to master concepts and progress rapidly.

Parhai Buddy has been initially launched for Grades 6-10 Mathematics, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Later, English language learning will be added. Parhai Buddy has been launched on the company’s Learn Smart Pakistan platform: Any learner may register and improve his or her skills by as little as 15 minutes of AI-driven online learning each day.

Parhai Buddy sets a learner on his or her journey by taking a short diagnostic test and generating a customized learning pathway. Evaluating the learner’s performance based on his or her performance and the performance of other learners, Parhai Buddy recommends skills-based videos, games, and tests. The learner’s pathway is continually adapted as he or she engages further, and new strengths and weaknesses emerge.

Students are expected to master over 1,800 concepts or “skills” in Mathematics and Sciences by the time they reach Grade 9. Learning gaps are developed if these skills are not mastered. This is where Parhai Buddy comes in. Parhai Buddy takes the learner back to skills from previous grades if needed to strengthen the learner’s foundations. By the same token, a learner with strong foundations can progress more rapidly. The learner also has an option to speed up his or her learning process at any time by taking a placement test.
Each learner is provided with progress reports and detailed data on his or her level of proficiency in each skill.

Knowledge Platform’s Founder and CEO, Mahboob Mahmood stated: “We are thrilled to lead educational change in Pakistan. It took us over two years of studying the performance of students across Pakistan and training our engine to recognize patterns and recommend solutions.

While personalized learning is always important, it is particularly important at this time. Over the past eighteen months, students have suffered massive learning losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. While they may have moved on to new grades, the foundational skills of many students are not where there should be. Parhai Buddy enables each student to catch up and move forward at his or her own pace.

If schools and school networks also engage with the data and reports from these personal learning journeys, they can develop learning interventions that are highly tailored to student needs. We look forward to working together with our many education partners to fuse digital and teacher-led learning across Pakistan.”

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