Pakistan's First Educational Device

Do you know that only 1 million out of 49 million school-going students have access to dedicated educational devices. 98% of students not having resources to quality educational devices are significantly affected. Knowledge Platform, being a pioneer in Ed-tech, is proud to introduce Pakistan’s first-ever educational device in collaboration with GSMA, Jazz, and CreditPer. It is equipped with Learn Smart Pakistan’s state-of-the-art learning solutions including curriculum-aligned digital content for K-12 students, Pakistan’s first AI-powered learning coach, Parhai Buddy, Exam Prep Master, 1on1 competitions, and teacher-led training. Our goal with this device is to bring education to every household in Pakistan at an affordable price so that no kid is left behind. You can select any device of your choice and can buy it on cash or lease it as per your preference. To increase mobile adoption, CreditPEr is offering flexible installment plans of 10 or 12 months at low markup, low downpayment, and no processing fee. To increase internet adoption in the region we have partnered with Jazz Telecom to come up with an Edu-data sim containing a subsidized internet package at 150 Pkr/Month. This device offers everything a student requires to study. From learning solutions to affordable installment plans, this can be a game-changer solution for educational landscape in Pakistan.

LSP learners are spread all across Pakistan, and growing every day!

Our Model

Our Solution


Affordable Pricing

Available at budgeted pricing to increase mobile adoption. You can chose any tablet from CreditPer or Knowledge Platform store and get the tablet financed with ease.

Affordable Installments

The device can be financed through Creditper at a very affordable cost starting at 2,000 PKR with

• Low Markup

• Low Down payment

• No Processing fee

The installment plans are available for 10 or 12 months

Jazz Bundle offer

A step to increase internet adoption in the region. Education Data bundle is available at a subsidized rate by Jazz, allowing dedicated access to Knowledge Platform learning solutions. You can avail 10GB of data at 150 PKR

Free access to our Learning Solutions

Free access for 3 months to state-of-the-art learning solutions of Learn Smart Pakistan including:

• Adaptive gamified content for k-12 learners

• Exam Prep Master

• 1on1quiz

• Parhai Buddy - Personalized AI learning coach

• Teacher led training

How can you get Pakistan's first educational tablet?

Choose available devices from CreditPer or Knowledge Platform store.

• Packages available are for 10 or 12 months. Choose from the available packages

• Provide relevant information

• Get your tablet financed with free Learn Smart Pakistan subscription added in the package

How does this solution work?

Each smart classroom contains one dedicated laptop that is packed with over 100 GB of learning and assessment content. Topics in the textbook are broken down into smaller skills using a simplified Bloom's Taxonomy, making concepts easier to learn in smaller, bite-size lessons. Each lesson plan includes one instructional video which is approximately 5-8 minutes long, an educational game or activity, and a formative or summative assessment. Experienced teachers can use the lesson plans as a scaffolding tool, whereas teachers who lack the subject matter knowledge can simply allow the video to play and act as a facilitator who leads the class from a lesson to a game and an assessment.


  • Improve your results by using our state of the art learning solutions
  • Use thousands of assessments, games, and videos to learn topics in English, Math, and Science
  • Earn honey coins while you learn to unlock different rewards and scholarships
  • Make learning fun by participating in learning challenges with students across Pakistan
  • Up to 3 kids can learn on a single device simultaneously

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The device can be financed through CreditPer for as low as 2,000 PKR per month.