Elevate Learning, Expand Horizons: Knowledge Platform and The Knowledge Schools Unite with 'The Knowledge Matric Program

Knowledge Platform (Private) Limited, Pakistan’s leading education technology company, has signed a contract with The Knowledge School System, part of the ILM Group, to provide its learning management system and content for their matric students.

As part of the “Knowledge Matric Program,” 40 matric schools with approximately 5,000 students will join Knowledge Platform’s extensive network in late November. These schools will be located in central Punjab, spread across more than 15 locations.

The partnership aims to provide students with innovative digital learning solutions incorporating high-quality educational content, meeting national and international standards. This collaboration creates an active and engaging environment for students to achieve the best possible learning outcomes and reach their full potential.

This collaboration contributes to the Group’s over 200 campuses and 37,000 students. Additionally, the parties will design Intermediate, ECAT/MDCAT, and 21st century skills modules using Knowledge Platform’s existing technology stack.

Mahboob Mahmood, Knowledge Platform’s founder, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Knowledge Platform is deeply honoured to form a strategic partnership with the Institute of Leadership and Management Trust. We have already started working together on an exam preparation strategy for students enrolled in The Knowledge School network who will sit the Matriculation examination. Beyond this first step, we will collaborate on higher and lower grades, teacher capacity development, and curriculum development. The ILM Trust has a long-standing track record of innovating in education, and we expect we can create impactful 21st-century learning solutions together.

Abdus Sattar, Project Director of The Knowledge School and ILM Colleges, noted, “Today’s MoU signing with The Knowledge Platform represents our shared dream of transforming education. We envision an innovative, technology-driven approach that empowers our students with the best tools and resources. This partnership is our commitment to nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and preparing our students for the challenges of the 21st century. This collaboration is not just an agreement; it’s the realisation of our vision for an enriched, accessible, and forward-thinking education system.”

Knowledge Platform provides educational content, learning technologies, teacher training, and school support for Pakistan’s schools, teachers, and students. In addition, Knowledge Platform’s learning games and competitions engage and challenge learners nationwide. The company includes among its close strategic partners the country’s leading examination board, several leading universities, and many leading public and private school networks.

The Knowledge School is a project of ILM Trust, which runs a wide range of projects that complement its overall mission of contributing to the progress of society. From early years of schooling to university education, an integrated system of quality education is provided by the educational ventures of ILM Trust. The Knowledge School is a nationwide network of comprehensive schools based on strategic partnerships with individuals willing to invest and further the cause of education.

For additional information on Knowledge Platform, please visit www.knowledgeplatform.com.pk or contact Umair Ali, Director Sales and Marketing, Knowledge Platform, at uali@knowledgeplatform.com.

Elevate Learning, Expand Horizons: Knowledge Platform and The Knowledge Schools Unite with 'The Knowledge Matric Program

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