Islamabad, 27th December – Knowledge Platform, Pakistan’s leading education technology provider, has partnered with Youth Impact, a leader in youth empowerment in the country for the past 10 years. The collaboration will provide blended learning, including face-to-face and online learning, for youth leadership across Pakistan.

Knowledge Platform will provide Youth Impact with a branded learning management system, content creation and management system, learning competition programs, instructional and technical training, and content development support, depending on spare capacity.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in redefining youth leadership education by utilizing Knowledge Platform’s extensive experience in the digital education landscape. It aims to pave the way for nurturing the future leaders of Pakistan.

Mahboob Mahmood, founder and CEO of Knowledge Platform, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to partner with Youth Impact. They build leadership capabilities in youth in a highly immersive and impactful way. We look forward to working with Youth Impact to expand their reach while sacrificing as little as possible the incredible richness of experience they deliver.”

Abdul Samad Khan, founder and CEO of Youth Impact, also expressed his sentiments: “We look forward to working with Knowledge Platform to create conceptual learning modules, systematize evaluations, launch digital learning games and competitions, and start online project-based learning. By wrapping these products around our camps and activities, we can reach out to many more youth and fully reinforce our lessons and values.”

Through Youth Leadership’s focus on youth involvement and Knowledge Platform’s commitment to creating innovative learning methodologies, both organizations are dedicated to empowering the youth with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values essential for leadership roles in an evolving digital world.

Knowledge Platform provides educational content, learning technologies, teacher training, and school support for schools, teachers, and students across Pakistan. In addition, Knowledge Platform’s learning games and competitions engage and challenge learners nationwide. The company includes among its closest strategic partners the country’s leading examination board, several leading universities, as well as many leading public and private school networks.

Youth Impact aims to bring about social change through youth leadership initiatives and activities, including society programs, partnerships with schools and universities, wilderness programs, corporate partnerships, and global programs.

For additional information on Knowledge Platform, please visit or contact Umair Ali, Director of Outreach and Engagement, Knowledge Platform, at

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