Teach Smart Pakistan

Teach Smart Pakistan is a comprehensive training programme that will help to improve the quality of teaching in your school. It will enable teachers to become specialists in their respective subjects and also improve their teaching skills through exposure to innovative pedagogical strategies. Our solution has been designed for teachers by teachers, which aims at improving student engagement and performance. Training is not a finite skill, like learning to ride a bicycle, it is a continuous practice. Therefore, Teach Smart Pakistan will provide teachers with ‘scaffolding’ that is essential to gaining a deeper understanding of the content and fostering greater initiative and independence. It is only then that they can successfully impact the learning and lives of their students

Our Model

Our Solution

The Benefits


This will help identify any knowledge gaps you may be facing while teaching grade 6-10 content for English, Math, or Science.

Adaptive lesson plans

Once identified, our platform will generate a personalized lesson plan based on certain learning areas that you may be struggling with.

Pedagogical skills

Teach Smart Pakistan is loaded with lesson plans that are focused on the latest pedagogic techniques being applied in classrooms throughout the world. This will help you increase student engagement and performance in the classroom.


Once you successfully complete any of our teacher training courses you will receive a certification from Knowledge Platform, Singapore’s leading learning solutions company.

Online Learning Community

Once you are a member of TSP, you will gain access to a network of teachers and teaching experts from across the country.

How does this solution work?

TSP will be deployed using the robust, feature-rich ed-tech system, Ultrabot, which is currently in its 10th generation. Ultrabot provides cloud-based content, allowing users from anywhere in the country to access the platform. The TSP course will be available for individual use, as well as for schools to conduct staff training.

How does this solution work?

Each smart classroom contains one dedicated laptop that is packed with over 100 GB of learning and assessment content. Topics in the textbook are broken down into smaller skills using a simplified Bloom's Taxonomy, making concepts easier to learn in smaller, bite-size lessons. Each lesson plan includes one instructional video which is approximately 5-8 minutes long, an educational game or activity, and a formative or summative assessment. Experienced teachers can use the lesson plans as a scaffolding tool, whereas teachers who lack the subject matter knowledge can simply allow the video to play and act as a facilitator who leads the class from a lesson to a game and an assessment.


  • Classroom footage reflecting real-life scenarios
  • Demonstrations of hands-on, student-centered learning approaches
  • Connection between theory and practice
  • Contextualized examples
  • Infographics with strong visual input and engaging interactives
  • Demonstrative rather than lecture-based
  • Assessments that evaluate learning



PKR 2,500

per person, per year


(please contact Knowledge Platform for quotations)